Les amis de Ménerbes

The association Les Amis de Ménerbes aims to support philanthropic initiatives designed to raise money to help fund heritage and/or cultural projects within the municipality of Ménerbes.

The role of the association is to help finance any project promoting the development, restoration, preservation and transmission to future generations of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the village.

Les Amis de Ménerbes initiate sponsorship initiatives designed to raise money and, thanks to the subscriptions and donations of its members, support not only heritage but also cultural projects (exhibitions, concerts, theatre).

Two municipal projects have priority:

  • The creation of a Maison du Patrimoine et de la Culture de Ménerbes in the old town hall which has been abandoned for many years.
  • The rehabilitation of old communal pathways, fallen into disuse, to create secure and clearly signposted rural hiking paths around the village.

In recent years, Government grants to municipalities have sharply decreased, making it impossible to rely on public funding alone to carry out such projects. That is why we appeal to your generosity and your support by becoming a “friend” of Ménerbes.